Thursday, March 18, 2010

Southport Seafood will be at South Estes Farmers Market 3.20.10

The warm weather has stirred up the fishing. This week we will have some great seafood. Our feature will be a few Wild Striped Bass that were huge. These fish were almost 30# and we have some great "sides" (scales on and perfect for grilling scale side down). We also have some striped bass roe and throats for those of you who think you know what your doing with seafood. We will also have Vermillion Snapper (last of the season) whole and fillet, Grey Triggerfish fillet, Summer Flounder whole and fillet, Black Drum Fillet, Red Drum "sides" (same deal as striped bass), and some great fresh-froze White Shrimp 21/25 count, and Greater Amberjack Fillet (best fish taco fish available). Come and see us on Saturday and get there quick because weather will be perfect and we will be on our game!

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