Saturday, January 17, 2009

Southport Seafood Co. begins research on two new divisions

Our 2008 success and our extensive client list has led us to begin research in two new divisions in addition to SOUTHPORT SEAFOOD CO.: FARM DIRECT and THE MARKETS. These three divisions will be managed by a new management company FRESH SOURCE. We got this idea from chef feedback and their appreciation of locally grown produce and our increased retail customer demand at our farmers markets. Since we currently deliver to over 30 restaurants we have the trust and desire and delivery ability to oofeer our chefs more quality products. Our participation in many of the local farmers markets has earned us acquaintances with the areas top small scale organic and exotic produce growers. Their unique and superior products go perfect with our high quality fresh seafood. We are currently studying the demand of these chefs and compiling a list of local herbs, micro greens, salad blends and exotic produce that cannot be found in stores or through major produce distributors. Our focus is on local, unique, flavorful and sustainable farmers and produce. We want to set up a weekly "box offering" to the chefs where this produce will be delivered alongside our seafood. Our other division, THE MARKETS, will feature an online store where our retail customers will be linked to our website through weekly email notification. They then can select which market they will be attending, then view the weeks availability and pricing and place orders online. This new system will allow us to manage and serve our customers more efficiently and consistently and provide valuable information about product uses and recipes. As we grow we want to continue to provide excellent service and always offer new and unique quality local products. Please give us your feedback on how we can better serve your culinary desires.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Southport Seafood Co. assists NC State Univ. in creating new on campus Farmers Market!

Southport seafood Co. has had its first meetings with the University's "Sustainability Committee" and has plans to organize a new Farmers Market at NCSU's "brickyard" (just behind the Library on Hillsborough St). we hope to have a vendors neeeting toward end of January and have the market open by Spring 2009. Join this blog to stay informed

Southport Seafood Co. creates new website!

Southport Seafood Co. just created a new website and has a new online ordering system in the making. The new website will allow individuals to register their names and emails, receive weekly alerts of market availability, times and place orders. This website will feature fresh monthly "local seasonal" specials, recipes from our clients, information about the industry and links all about local seafood and fishing along the NC Coast. Please visit our website at and register to start enjoying our fresh catch!

Southport Seafood Co. announces new Triangle markets...

Welcome aboard.... we would like to introduce the Triangle area's newest and only fine seafood purveyor: Southport Seafood Company. We are local Raleigh businessmen that bought into the commercial fishing business just after the fuel prices skyrocketed and fisherman couldnt afford to fish on a regular basis. Our love for being on the water, fishing and great food gave us the drive to create a niche business geared toward distributing REALLY FRESH LOCAL seafood to restaurants and individuals in the Triangle area. We have been working hard at getting the company rooted and after only 7 months we have a good start at something really great. Our network of local fishermen is vast and it took us many days and many tanks of gas to go down every creek and dirt road to find the men and women who get up early rain, sleet or shine and bring home the great seafood. Since our inception we have joined many of the seafood associations and fine food groups that support local food and sustainable fishing. It is our goal to not only provide exceptional seafood but to also be stewards of the commercial fishing industry and promote the preservation and quality of our seafood. We hope you will find a way to become one of our regular buyers. We promise to enhance your diet in a positive new way!